Getting results is our promise.

And our history.

Don't charge into a computer conversion without us.

Don't let a computer conversion derail your whole hospital.

When an A/R company promises you more bucks, make sure they can deliver.

Increase the flow of your cash flow.

Add more revenue to your revenue cycle.

Revolutionize your revenue cycle.

Give your bottom line a bigger upside.

Improve your workflow.

And your cash flow.

They solved an issue with Medicaid that had been ongoing for nine months. It took them two days to identify and correct.

Texas Hospital

How We Help Clients

As the premier company in revenue cycle management, Xtend Healthcare Advanced Revenue Solutions can help you manage all of these challenges and more—improving your financial performance and productivity for both the short term AND the long term.

We'll help you:

Revolutionize your revenue cycle

No more wasted time, unproductive effort or backed-up workflow. We can help you literally revolutionize the way you manage your revenue cycle so you can:

  • instantly assess the status of all of your outstanding claims
  • verify which claims have been paid
  • accurately predict incoming revenue
  • automatically prioritize your workflow
  • implement a denial management system
  • significantly increase your productivity

Extend Your Staff and IT Assets

We can serve as a seamless extension of your business office and help you capture more A/R data each day than a typical business office could gather in an entire month. We can also extend the life of your IT system, since our powerful management tools require no software to install or maintain.

Improve Your Bottom Line

In a variety of ways, we can help you improve your financial performance:

  • Reduced A/R days
  • Lower collection costs
  • Less bad-debt write-off
  • Streamlined computer conversions
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Stronger cash flow

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